chrisAs we find ourselves some way into the new financial year, it will come as no surprise to you that we continue to trade in an extremely challenging market. Nonetheless I am pleased to report that all our businesses are making progress, leveraging our operational strategy.

The operational strategy is honed and focussed. Our first priority is to manage costs. We are also looking at new markets, either geographic or channel, in order to ensure the long term growth of our group. At the same time we are continually innovating and introducing new product ranges to fill the gaps in our respective markets of business. See for instance Toolquip’s launch of the AMCO range of hand tools in response to market demand and Genlogic’s introduction of the new compact DC generator providing greater efficiencies for customers.

Looking ahead to year-end I do not expect a major upswing in economic conditions. Reiterating my message in the May edition of Pulse, this means that we must remain vigilant of costs and continually pursue our aim of becoming market disrupters. Disrupters do not simply strive for a share of an existing market – they seek to transform the status quo to outperform competitors. While this new way of thinking will take time to entrench, the sooner it becomes our default way of doing business, the more sustainably Forge Group will grow.

It will take tenacity and vision to forge ahead successfully to year-end, and I am confident that we, as a group, have both attributes in spades.

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