chrisFebruary 2016 marked the end of our financial year and a moment to take stock of our achievements to date. In most part our solid performance for the year is due in large measure to the efforts and commitment of our teams and I thank you all for this.

This time last year we anticipated the economic headwinds and said we would focus on honing our business units to the prevailing economic climate. To weather the constant buffering we have ensured we are agile and open to change, on the lookout for enhanced business efficiencies and dedicated to improving customer service. This approach makes us resilient and is key to our long-term success.

By being proactive in the year past we have positioned Forge for the expectedly tough year ahead. To help ensure that we continue improving and growing, we welcome feedback and ideas from staff particularly in the areas of customer service, brand equity, managing costs and efficiencies.

The challenge I set for our teams in the new financial year is to become market disrupters. Disrupters don’t simply strive for a share of an existing market – they seek to transform the status quo to one of their own design or they build a whole new model.

And so I look forward to more than forging ahead with you. I look forward to changing the face of our markets and setting new benchmarks for our peers to aspire to!

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