In 2011 the commercial and industrial interests of private equity firm, Westbrooke, were merged into one group to form a diversified industrial business. Forge Group has since forged together and added to its underlying businesses, each a leader in the import and value-add distribution of industrial or commercial products. With a common entrepreneurial approach steering decentralised management, Forge Group has become a major competitive force reporting consistent growth.

The businesses are aligned into two key verticals: Forge Industrial and Forge Commercial, based on synergies in product and/or distribution channels. Each boasts the most comprehensive range of specialist products in its respective market.

At Forge Group, we employ over 800 people in five business units with 34 outlets nationally, as well as one each in Botswana, Namibia, Mauritius and Tanzania. Our businesses boast over 60 000 m² of warehousing and manufacturing space with more than 110,000 line items. Our portfolio of products includes five premium own brands – TA (Industrial), Unitherm, Homecare, Friga Systems and GL(Commercial), and more than 140 global brands. Our customer base crosses sectors including Mining, Manufacturing, Engineering, Commercial Refrigeration, Contracting (refrigeration/air-conditioning for construction industry), Homeowners, Education & Training, Construction, Automotive, Agriculture, Independent Repairmen, and Telecommunications.


Forge Industrial comprises:


Forge Commercial comprises: