Our growth philosophy of “forging ahead” is built on our entrepreneurial management teams and our people, who aspire to excellence in customer service and innovation. They are key to maintaining our niche market differentiation in all of our markets in which we operate and to growing consistently as a cohesive group.

Our management principles translate our philosophy into a way of doing business that benefits all our stakeholders, particularly our customers. We are committed to achieving sustainable growth for our stakeholders by providing import and value-add distribution solutions and by fostering mutually beneficial relationships with all our customers.

Management principles:

We have well-run, customer-focused, entrepreneurial businesses in which we foster a culture of planned growth.

We develop our employees’ skills and foster long-standing professional relationships based on mutual respect. This is achieved by attracting the best candidate for each role and providing career advancement opportunities and reward based on performance.

We have a customer centric culture putting our customers first and striving to secure their loyalty through quality of service and value add.

We build long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with our suppliers and innovate together in order to better grow the markets we service.

We respect our environment and the community cultures in which we operate, and are conscious of our social responsibility.